CEO of Pro Barents. Pro Barents is an innovation and development company in Hammerfest, which through its incubator program is a key supporter in the commercialization of new businesses. Pro Barents has, as an incubator and as an investor, commercialized more new companies / investments. Trine is a graduate of economics from HHB and has additional education from QUT in Australia within strategy and entrepreneurship. She has about 20 years of experience in business development and business development - and has worked on a broad national / northern Norwegian network. Trine also has solid and wide board experience - both in start-ups and growth companies. She also has experience as a financial manager in Hammerfest municipality, as well as the economy / market in the fishing industry.

LinkedIn: Trine Bredal Hauan

Chair of board


A graduate of economy  from HHB. She is the CEO of Hammerfest Næringsinvest (HNI) (Hammerfest industrial Invest) and has been employed by the company since 2003. HNI is a regional investment company that has invested in around 30 companies in various industries since its startup. HNI will be an active owner and have a board seat in the companies they enter. Moland has thus had, and has more project positions, as well as board and general manager. Through 20 years, Moland has acquired extensive expertise and experience in several different industries, including: in fisheries and aquaculture. She is a former  financial manager at the fish processing company and worked for several years as a corporate consultant.

LinkedIn: Jeanette Moland

Board member 


Holds a master's degree in biotechnology from the University of Tromsø, Norway's Arctic University, and PhD in molecular microbiology from the same institution. Hjelmevoll has a unique network in the North Norwegian biotechnology, university and research community, as well as national networks for research and innovation for 8 years in the Research Association's main board. He also has experience in establishing and building a company in biotechnology. Through Hjelmevoll's experience, and his mentors in the biotech environment in Tromsø, Polar Algae has access to a unique experience from the commercialization of biotech products, and that Polar Algae through the same network knows the rights and possible pitfalls in the industry.

LinkedIn: Stig Ove Hjelmevold

Director research and development

Stig Ove Hjelmevoll, PhD

Edel Maria is a Serial Entrepreneur and founded Polar Algae With Caroline in 2016.

She is currently the vice president of Junior Achievement Young Enterprise in the northernmost region  Finnmark. She is passionate about the  Development of entrepreneurship and innovation in the North. 

LinkedIn: Edel Maria Brynjulfsen



Is founder of Polar Algae. Caroline, originally a journalist and editor, has founded several companies before. An Innovation Hub and a newspaper for the region og Hammerfest. 

Her objectives are to create a new sustainable industry in the north based on natural resources. She is  motivated by creating value in in the society, for the company and the investors. 

She sees seaweeds as a very interesting field, also bearing in mind the Norwegian governments strong strategy towards blue economy, The Ocean space and new growth after the Norwegian oil age. 

LinkedIn: Caroline Haukeland



Brother to Caroline. Holds an MBA. 

LinkedIn: Nikolai Haukeland



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