Our land

In Norway we have a long history of harvesting seaweed for different use. The aindigenous Sami-people living on the coast in Northern Norway used seaweed in the feed for their reindeer.

Today Hammerfest is a developed society with a thriving industry in fishing, tourism, oil and gas. Our region’s modern and efficient infrastructure.

Throughout the year our seaweed undergoes extreme climate and seasonable stress ultimately the very reason for our unique quality products.

Ownership & management

NorSea Polarbase, a maritime industry owned by Wilhelmsen Group, is the majority shareholder in Polar Algae. Verdens Nordligste, Pro Barents, Industri Invest Nord and Arctic Ocean Garden holds the remaining shares of the company.

Caroline Haukeland
CEO & Founder
+ 47 995 83 737


Nikolai Haukeland
Business Development
+47 924 46 664